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The TIG-BiTe-P/N-4 thermoelectric ingot is the one of Bi2Te3-Sb3Te3 for P and Bi2Te3-Bi2Se3 for N processed by hot press and extrusion to enhance its performance and mechanical strength. It is good in producing high performance and high reliable mini size thermoelectric modules for cooling and heating applications, specially used in telecom or photonics. Generally, the figure of merit, the dimensionless ZT of our p-type is larger than 1.1 and n-type ingots is larger than 1.0 at 300 K , and the excellent mechanical strength is good for the modules that require thin and tiny size dices, providing the key stone for producing the high performance and reliable Peltier cooling modules. It is ideal materials for making micro size modules. 

Performance Specification




Type Number




Diameter (mm)

30 ± 1

30 ± 1


Length (mm)

240 ± 5

240 ± 5


Density (gcm-3)




Electrical Conductivity σ(102Sm-1)

800 ~ 1200

800 ~ 1250

300 K

Seebeck Coefficient α(μVK-1)

200 ~ 230

180~ 230

300 K

Thermal Conductivity κ(Wm-1K-1)

1.2  ~ 1.6

1.2 ~ 1.6

300 K

Power Factor P(WmK-2)

≥ 0.0046

≥ 0.0041

300 K

ZT Value

≥ 1.1


300 K

Specification of Bi-Te Based Thermoelectric Ingot  in English 


Customer Made Services:

Beyond the ingots above, we are capable of designing and manufacturing the one that its performance merit ZT is optimized for specific temperature range.  

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